1: The daughter’s room is messier than before, with laundry scattered across the carpet and walls covered in bizarre drawings of distorted astronomical shapes. The fairy lights are not lit. The daughter is on the balcony again.
Dad, off screen: Um, sweetpea?
Your dinner’s getting cold, kiddo… Do you want me to bring it up here?
Girl: Whatever.

2: The dad is reaching out to touch the girl’s shoulder.
Dad: Hey, now, listen. I’m glad you enjoy your present, but you can’t spend all night, every night up here. Come on, let’s get some food in you and-
Girl: Nnnn.

3: The girl has retracted from the arm, clinging closer to her telescope. She looks tired and estranged.
Girl: I’m not hungry, just go away! Stop pretending you’re my real dad!

4: She has immediately turned away from him and is looking back in the telescope, scowling. The dad looks shocked and hurt, half obscured by the shadows of the daughter’s dark room.

5: The father retracts into the shadows, rubbing his hands sadly. The girl’s expression is now more neutral as she stares.