1: A slice of cake sits half-eaten on a plate, its pink frosting having been eaten first.

2: The mom is hugged around the dad as he does dishes.
Mom: Good job, dear. She’s really warming up to you.
Dad: Well, luckily, she likes space and her stepdad is an astronomer.

3: The bovine nuzzles at the deer’s cheek.
Mom: Where’d you even find it? We looked everywhere.
Dad: With all the factory shutdowns and government projects, I had to call in some favors.

4: Down the nearby hallway is the door to the daughter’s bedroom, decorated by comets and stars. On the wall is a painting of the Southern Crab Nebula.
Dad: Can’t imagine where all these things are going, no one has any clue. Maybe this has to do with whatever they’re doing down in Sudan.

5: The girl’s room is brightly lit with fairy lights lining the ceiling from which model space ships hang. The walls are decorated in space posters and her own crayon drawings. She stands by the screen door to her private balcony. The telescope box lays open near her, disassembled for now.

6: Through her door, she gazes up at the starlit sky.