1: The deer’s fingers are twisting the screws of the tripod’s mounting mechanism.

2: The eye piece is being adjusted.

3: The lens of the telescope, now pointed at the sky, reflects faint stars.
Dad: Got all that?
Girl: Uh huh!

4: A view of Jupiter, slightly blurry, suspended in the vastness of space.
Girl: Wow! Wow, oh wow, look at it!
Dad: We got lucky tonight. Clear skies.

5: The daughter’s face is half obscured by telescope. Her step father’s hand is comfortably on her shoulder, and her hand holds on to his.
Dad: Almost no moon light either, so this is a great view.
Girl: Can I see Saturn with this?
Dad: Let’s see… You’ll get the best view in a couple months, when it’s in opposition.

6: Further view of the room. The dad is aglow with his phone as the daughter continues to study the telescope.
Girl: I wanna see that space station they’re building!
Dad: Oh! Huh. Wonder where that would be…