1: It is late evening in the outskirts of Cairo.  modern suburban house with large windows, a rooftop garden, and a spacious balcony is lit from within. The moon is a thin sliver in the sky, peeking above trees and distant buildings.
Dad: Happy birthday, pumpkin.

2: Small hands rip pink wrapping paper off a brown box.

3: The lid of the box is open, and nestled into foam are the components of a very high-end refracting telescope.

4: Aa small bovine girl hugs tight around the hips of a thinly built Sika Deer. The mom, a tall and soft looking cape buffalo, sits at the kitchen table, watching and smiling.
Girl: Thank you! Thank you!
Dad: Oop, haha, okay, okay!
I’ll show you how to use it after dinner, okay?