1: Tahan enters the interrogation room, nudging the door with his hip as he carries a tray of coffee.

2: The detective places the coffee down on the table. The fox’s ears perk.
Tahan: Mr. Maroun, I’m Detective Tahan. Sorry to drag you all the way down here on a holiday.
Maroun: Did I do something wrong, sir?

3: Tahan sits and slaps the portfolio down on the table.
Tahan: Do you remember why you were in the hospital?
Maroun: They said I had a seizure, but I don’t really remember it.

4: In a flashback, Sami writhes on the tiled ground of a convenience store, back arched, eyes shut as he sputters and babbles.
Tahan (caption): You were writhing on the floor speaking in tongues, Mr. Maroun.
Maroun: Šū, šū iqarrub! Pirik šuāti! Wabrum, w… wabrum, šū iḫruṭ! Šū iqarrub! Berûtu!

Special thanks to koekoek for translation help!