1: The fox is seen twice through security cameras.
Tahan: Any word on those medical tests?
Secretary: Not yet. They said there were a lot of delays, the hospital staff didn’t say why; busy on the holidays, I guess.
Tahan: And he’s not on anyone’s records?
Secetary: Nothing. No health insurance, no appointments, no DNA or blood on anyone’s files.

2: Detective Tahan, a lithe somali donkey, stands beside the police office’s secretary, a thickly built newt woman. He leans forward, watching the footage.
Tahan: I don’t wanna let him go until someone finds something about him. Not if he’s gonna have another seizure, or a mental breakdown, or something. Did the hospital give a time frame, or…
Secretary: Could take hours, detective.

3: The secretary’s hands slide over a pale brown folder labeled “ARCHIVES”
Tahan: Well, what do I say to this guy for hours?
Secretary: Ask him about the poster we found. See if he knows anything.
Tahan: Yeah. Suppose so.

4: The detective straightens his shirt as he walks away, file folder held under his arm.
Secretary: You’ll figure it out.
Tahan: Yeah, yeah… you know where to find me.
Secretary: Be personable! Pretend people like you!