1: Maroun shrugs.
Maroun: I don’t remember, which they said is how the seizures often work. I have a history of them, and they mess with my memory…
It can be, um… hard to recall things sometimes.

2: Tahan sips his coffee.
Maroun: Is it illegal to spout gibberish on the floor of a convenience store?
Tahan: No, but I suppose it is a little rude.

3: Tahan sets his cup down and opens the portfolio.
Tahan: Mr. Maroun-
Maroun: Oh, please, Sami is fine, if you don’t mind?
Tahan: Sure. Right, Sami, the hospital gave us a buzz when you were carried in because your records are so… sparse. They called around and no one had anything on you. That makes people worried, so they called us up, and…

4: Tahan has a half smile and is looking to the side.
Tahan: Listen, bear with me on this one, because it’s wild.

5: Tahan lays a large sheet of paper on the table. It is a scan of an old wanted poster, and it features an identical face to Sami’s – blind right eye, dark hair swept to one side. The text of this poster seems to be in avian script.
Tahan: Someone who works in our archives said she recognized your face, and she dug this up out of the Interpol archives. It’s a wanted poster from America.
Sami: Wow! How old is that thing?
Tahan: We’re talkin’, like… 1850, here.