1: Tahan stands near the door, cracked open, ears perked to listen. His secretary is behind the door.
Tahan: A what? What do…
Well, does he-

2: Tahan approaches Sami, scratching the back of his head and seeming a little confused.
Tahan: Well, Sami, apparently you have a visitor.
Sami: Visitor?
Tahan: Some special agent from the government. He wants to ask a few questions about your accident.

3: Sami listens, looking a bit worried.
Tahan: Look. Just play along, be honest and, after this, we can probably get you out of here.
Sami: Okay…

4: The black cobra, smiling serenely, silently walks in.
Tahan: Agent, as you will…

5: Tahan walks past us through the door, looking suspiciously over his shoulder at the cobra as he approaches Sami.

6: The door shuts.

7: The door is still shut.
Sami: …I remember you.

Hover text: Time to walk away without further investigation, like a true detective.