1: Sami sits up as Tahan speaks.
Tahan: What’s on your mind?
Sami: …

2: Sami’s eyes look slightly watered as he speaks directly to the camera.
Sami: You know why I love this holiday so much? Contact Day?
Sure, everyone worked together for a common goal… free of religion and politics, full of hope and wonder…
But that’s not it. No, it’s… it’s just so basic. It’s the confirmation of something so simple and old, so easily forgotten…

3: The blue-robed figure, by his cart of wheat and millet, sits alone at night on Babylonian streets.
Sami: I don’t have religion. I don’t follow a god or go to the temples…
It feels like, once, long ago, we didn’t need them. It was just people and the heavens themselves.
Stars, the moon, comets… that was our religion.

4: In their pale-furred hand is a necklace – a carved wooden idol of the deer goddess Mars, as seen on the Greek vase.
Sami: For one day a year, everyone simply looks up…
I just wish it lasted all year.

5: The figure looks up. A n orange fox with long ears and dark hair swept to one side – both eyes clear and gazing at the sky.

Hover text: …Are you telling me you haven’t changed your hair style in 3000 years??