1: The two sit in brief silence, neither looking at the other. Sami is leaned on his elbows, looking at the wall. Tahan has his arms crossed and is looking the other way.

2: Sami tilts his head with a soft smile.
Sami: …are you a religious man, detective?
Tahan: I’m not really supposed to talk about that on the job.
Sami: You’re probably not supposed to smoke on the job, either.
Tahan: Heh…

3: Tahan’s expression softens, but he keeps his gaze averted.
Tahan: Yeah, the Farmer King. Whole family has been for a long time.
I guess I don’t observe too closely, though, ‘cept on holidays.
Sami: You don’t hear much about Him around here.
Tahan: Well, we Egyptians love having so many gods, don’t we? And He asks us to have just one, that’s a hard sell for some.

4: Sami still looks at the wall, deep in thought.
Sami: It’s always a hard sell.
Layer on layer of conversions and conflict… Everything trying to bury everything else. The Euro-African pantheon, the Greek gods, and the Farmer King trying to wedge between them. Not to mention… older things.
We’ve forgotten so much.

Hover text: Have you heard the good Word?