1: Sami puts the paper down.
Sami: I’m sorry, sir. I don’t really know American history very well.
That’s where this is from, right? This is how the birds write out there.

2: Tahan stares forward, eyebrows furrowed in concern.
Tahan: Mr. Maroun… I need you to trust me here, and be honest.
We’re not out to hurt you… we just want a few answers.
You got sick in a store, hit your head, and no one can find any files about you. No finger prints, no DNA, no medical records.
If you’re hiding something, or… if you’re hiding from something… we want to help.

3: Sami looks away, looking a bit upset.
Sami: I don’t know what you want me to say.
I’m not a criminal or anything like that. I’m not hiding from anything.

4: Sami is tearing up, still looking away. Tahan tries to reach out, as if to hold Sami’s hand, but he’s very far away.
Sami: I just, honestly… can’t remember past a year ago, and… and there’s not much I-
Tahan: Hey, hey hey, Sami…

5: Tahan looks to Sami, concerned.
Tahan: We’ll do what we can for you, okay?
We got you.

6: Outside, the black cobra walks down the city streets. It’s dark out now, and he’s approaching the well-lit police station.
Caption: No one’s accusing you of anything, and no one’s out to get you.
You’re with friends, and you’re safe.
So let’s just… take a breath, take our time, and see what we can figure out.

7: The smiling face of the snake, eyes wide and glistening with city lights.

Hover text: Everything’s FINE