1: Tahan leans back, forcing a smile.
Tahan: Sorry, I’m just giving ya a hard time is all.
Sami: R… right. No, that’s… fine.

2: Sami looks a bit sheepish. Tahan leans forward.
Sami: I’ve been… rambling. Um… So, am I under arrest? Can I… go?
Tahan: I… ah, look… You’re not in trouble. But I’ve got to keep you here till the hospital gets back to us. I just want to make sure you’re not going to collapse again once you’re outside. As soon as we’re sure, we’ll get you home.

3: Tahan slides the tablet aside and opens up the brown folder.
Sami: Okay.
Tahan: So just sit tight for a bit longer, okay? I’m sorry about this.
But listen, since we’re already talking about history and stuff…

4: He slides the copy of the old wanted poster towards Sami.
Tahan: Want to take a second look at this?

5: Sami holds the paper up, looking down at it. Fireworks are heard popping outside.

6: Tahan’s eyes watch Sami’s carefully. The sound of fireworks intensifies.

9: Sami stares down at the poster. In his eye is the reflection of an ancient gunfight; a vague avian form is shot and falls off a balcony. In his mind, the sound of fireworks has transformed into the sound of gunfire.

Hover text: We’re reaching our flashback limit so be careful.