1: The hands of the secretary are seen delivering a tablet to the desk at which these two sit.
Tahan: Thanks. Any word?
Sec: Not yet. I’ll let you know.

2: Tahan is tapping at the tablet, scrolling through things.
Tahan: So, what’d you say her name was? The lil’ grandkid.
Sami: Oh, um… I think it was… Dee?

3: Sami looks away, thinking.
Sami: Why do I know that?
Tahan: Ah, yeah, here it is! Dee Sanders, helpin’ her ol’ granddad in the observatory. Cute.

4: The two face each other as they talk.
Tahan: Now what’s got you so invested in Mars anyways? You’re not even a scientist, you’re… what do you do again?
Sami: Oh, I… don’t exactly specialize. I’ve done construction, warehouse work… Hard to really become an expert in anything if you can’t remember half your life.

5: Tahan leans forward, elbows on the table.
Tahan: No, but you sure don’t struggle to remember the name of an astronomer’s granddaughter.

6: Sami looks away, confused, as if this doesn’t make sense to him, either.
Sami: Hm.

Hover text: Don’t turn a blind eye to these issues, Sami.