1: The dark cobra calmly walks across a side walk, past large walls of stone which branch off into alleyways. A disheveled homeless man, an armadillo, approaches the snake, hands out. The snake ignores him.

2: The armadillo tugs at the snake’s coat, looking angry.

3: Hands gripped to the cobra’s coat, the armadillo watches him glare and prepare his gloved fingers to snap.

4: In a flash, the environment has changed. Now, instead of a darkened section of the city, the man finds himself in the middle of a vast desert, his hands clutching at nothing.

5: Seen zoomed out, the homeless person looks around in confusion, alone in the desert.

6: He takes a long drink from a bottle in a paper bag.

Hover text: Aw shit I got diddily dang teleported into the desert again.