1: Tahan sits on the floor of the police department’s darkened break room, alone. Coffee makers, cabinets, and a deactivated flat screen keep him company. He has a piece of toast hanging from his mouth as he studies a tablet.

2: His fingers are seen to stop over a photograph of a crowd of people christening a new rail road, their faces indistinct in the grainy resolution.

3:  Zooming in, he sees the smiling face of Sami – blind right eye and hair swept to the side.

4: Tahan’s eyes squinting as he looks.

5: Fingers zoom in on another figure in the crowd – a smiling, jet-black cobra.

6: Tahan stares silently out at the room before him. Behind him are glowing vending machines, and at his side is a cup of coffee.

7: He gets to his feet hastily, spilling the coffee.

Hover text: Jesus even in ancient photographs you look like a creep…