1: Tahan is lighting another cigarette.
Tahan: I don’t remember that bit.
Sami: Hm?
Tahan: With the granddaughter. Never heard her mentioned in the story before.

2: Sami shrugs.
Sami: I don’t know. I must have heard the story somewhere, it’s how I remember it at least.
I guess people like adding in little extra bits of fantasy to spice up a story.

3: Back in the past, a new 18×18 grid of information has been written onto a large sheet of paper on the wall, more clearly illustrating the pixellated circle that had been communicated. Someone studies the paper from afar.

4: The astronomer’s assistant – an orange fox with a blind right eye and dark hair swept to one side – stands staring at the pixel circle, holding the smug granddaughter in his arms.

Hover text: ugh she’s never gonna let us forget this one