1: A cigarette is being extinguished into an ash tray, one of many now in there.
Tahan: Didn’t that famous scientist get involved?
Sami: Dr. Zoranov, yeah.

2: Several scientists pose for a photographer, all seen in a sepia tone flash back. The scientists include a snake, the feline astronomer from earlier, a tall pangolin, and an unusually short rabbit with large, round glasses.
Sami: I think it was all his idea… How to contact Mars, I mean.

3: Sami looks to his side as he thinks.
Sami: Some say it was all just a power move to get more funding for his electrical experiments, but-
Tahan: Hah!Power move”? I get it.
Sami: But… I mean, it would have been impossible without the type of light bulbs he invented.

4: Sami squints at Tahan.
Tahan: Isn’t he the one that married a bird?
Sami: N… no. That’s not…

5: Tahan is quickly flicking through his phone.
Sami: He, um, really spearheaded the plan to contact Mars through-
Tahan: Yeah, see, he definitely married a bird.

6: Tahan holds out his phone, on which there is an old photograph of the scientist posing with a white pigeon – like a literal animal, not a furry.
Sami: He… had a pet that he loved very dearly.
Tahan: Mmmhm.

Hover text: Better conversationalist than most people, to be fair.