1: The feline astronomer looks over his shoulder.
Astronomer: Sweetheart? What are-

2: The daughter has cut much of the notes into ribbons and has been wrapping it around a vase of flowers.
Girl: Uh…
Astronomer: My notes!
Girl: I’m sorry, Grampa, I-

3: Strips of paper with scribbled notes, strung together with tape, are coiled around the flower vase.
Astronomer: Ho-hold on, hold… on…

4: The astronomer’s hands are seen laying the strips of paper down on a table.

5: A thick black charcoal pencil is circling over certain numbers and drawing lines.

6: The strips are laid across the table. In the right order, the patterns of the number form a circle, which the astronomers has outlined in thick charcoal.

Hover text: Having to scribble all that by hand was a unique form of hell and if they had been actual numbers with a discernible pattern it would have taken a whole week to do.