1: In a sepia-toned flashback, a feline astronomer stares into a telescope. He is taking notes and operating a stop watch.

2: A young feline girl tugs at the astronomer’s coat. The legs of the astronomer’s assistant are visible behind her.
Girl: Grampa, there’s nothing to do up here…
Astronomer: In a moment, just a moment…

3: The girl is picked up by the assistant, pouting.
Assistant: C’mere, little one, let your granddad work.

4: A table is covered in notes of numbers, timing, all recordings of the blinking light from Mars.
Astronomer: There must be something here. A language, a pattern, mathematics, anything.
Assistant: Professor Fredrick says it’s probably high-atmospheric energy, something natural.
Astronomer: Professor Fredrick wouldn’t know an emission spectrum chart from his rear end.

5: The granddaughter has been sat atop a side table which holds more notes and statistics.

6: Her little hand reaches for a pair of scissors nearby.

Hover text: But they haven’t invented video games yyyeeeeeeeeet