1: Tahan is fishing a pack of Roc Cigarettes out of his pocket.

2: Cigarette in his mouth, he looks up at Sami as he lifts a lighter to his mouth. Tahan: Oh. You mind if I smoke?

3: Sami leans forward, squinting, smiling slightly.
Sami: Are you allowed to?
Tahan: I dunno, are you a cop?

4: Sami leans back in surprise as Tahan leans forward and smirks.
Sami: Uh?
Tahan: Because you have to tell me if you’re a cop.

5: On the table there are more coffee cups, now empty. Beneath the wanted poster featuring a fox’s face is a blurry, grayscale photograph.
Sami: Haha. No, no, I don’t mind.
Tahan: Rrm
Imagine seeing some blinking light in space and being all: “oh, yeah, I know what they’re saying, let me write this shit down real quick.”
How the fuck do you figure that out?

Hover text: Gosh I sure do love sudden, unexpected questions from cops, really puts me at ease.