1: A view of a convenience store – the place where Sami had his seizure. It’s cluttered with snacks, tiny electronics, minor groceries.

2: The teen – a lanky, ill-kept hyena – at the counter idly fiddles with their phone.

3: They jumps in surprise. At the counter, as if appearing out of no where, is a tall figure – a black-scaled cobra in a long, dark coat.

4: On the counter, the cobra’s gloved hand slides over a photograph of Sami.

5: The hyena makes a sort of “over there” hand motion as they talks to this figure.

6: The cobra nods and has his hand raised, finger poised to snap.

7: In the same view, same scene, he is suddenly gone – he has vanished.

8: The teen is slumped over on the counter, deeply asleep.

Hover text: ….What was I doing?