1: A view of a busy, populated street in the early evening. Tables, stalls, and tents clutter the sidewalks before rows of shops. The graphics of a news broadcast declares it November 29th, 2025: Contact Day.

2: A mongoose reporter smiles for the camera in front of a tourist stall selling merch.
Reporter: While huge crowds gather in the center of Cairo, the people of New Cairo are gearing up for their own celebrations! In the city’s shopping center, hundreds of people, young and old, flock to celebrate our neighbors in the stars and the day we first said “Hello”!

3: A young kangaroo girl is getting her face fur painted into a martian green. She wears fake antennae.
Reporter: It’s been 114 years since our little corner of Earth first banded together to shine a light out to Mars. Of course, what better way to celebrate the groundbreaking interplanetary communication than with live music, games, and the best local dining has to offer?