Yes, I did forget to draw those warning lights into previous pages because, yes, I am dumb.


1: Julia faces the Sedjet Creature, who leans in close, panting hot breath over the glass, fogging it up.

Sedjet (narrating): We must… make it… STOP!

Julia: We can ease this pain…

2: A broken light hangs from the ceiling of her cell, exposed wires and cracks beyond the housing.

Julia (voice distorting into her psychic tone): They tried to keep me imprisoned here.

3: Inside the ceiling, dark webs of black goo hangs among the wires.

Julia (narrating): But we’re all prisoners in our own shells.

4: Some of the black mass on the wires has taken the shape of small, grossly formed spiders. They cluster around circuits and mechanisms in the walls, eating away the cover of wires.

Julia (narrating): And they seemed to forget:

This body is a dirty little hacker.

5: Lights above the glass turn yellow as there is a shifting sound as the glass raises.

6: The glass no longer separates the two. Julia and Sedjet, in his Black Idol form, now face each other.