1: A close-up of the lock. Part of it looks corroded by rust and partially melted.

Julia (off-screen): They’re probably just fumigating it or something. There were always really weird, gross looking spiders in there.

2: A black spider with large bulbous eyes crawls across the page of a book, it is clearly warped and wrong.

Julia (off-screen): C’mon, get to class. I think we’re starting Martian History today.

Melissa (off-screen): I probably know all that already.

Julia (off-screen): Exactly. A great chance to sleep in class.

3: A mouse teacher stands at the front of a class indicating an unknown landmass, part of the planet Mars: lush with green land and blue waters. Julia and Melissa sit two rows back, talking.

Caption: Later…

Julia: I’ll probably get a job at that research facility, if I can.

Melissa: The Pilgrim Center? My dad works there.

Julia: Yeah? No shit.

Put in a good word for me, huh? Maybe I’ll get an internship there.

4: Melissa studies one of her papers.

Julia (off-screen): What’s he do there, anyways?

Melissa: Some of it’s classified, but usually he just studies rocks from space and stuff.

5: Julia looks bored.

Julia: I bet that’s even less interesting than it sounds.