1: Melissa is playing with the fridge, its glass door behaves like the window does, allowing her to see inside.

Melissa: I liked our old stuff, with buttons and dials.

Eric: And burnt toast.

Melissa: I like burnt toast!

2: Eric is drinking the coffee from his glass.

Eric: It’s a lot to take in, but our lives will be better now. That’s why I took this job, to get us into such a nice house, and to get you in such a nice school.

3: Melissa is hanging out with Julia later that day, Julia is dressed in a red shirt and jeans that has a rock music look.

Eric (in flashback): How’s that going, by the way?

Melissa (in flashback): Good! I made friends with this sophomore girl!

Julia: I’m not a sophomore, Melissa, I stayed back a year. Remember?

Melissa: Oh, right… but you’re a year older than me.

Julia: You do know what it means to stay back a year, right?

4: The two walk past the door to the school’s old library, which is kept locked with chains.

Melissa: Huh, what happened here?

5: Julia is checking her phone while Melissa inspects the door.

Julia: I dunno. That’s the old library, they won’t tell us why it’s locked. Wasn’t locked last year.

There’s a rumor going around that an art teacher went crazy during winter break and wrecked the place. My friend Rhoda’s been trying to find out but no one’s tellin’ her shit.