1: We see old papers including printed photographs, these include the swirling geometric language seen on the lunar cave, a photo of a large mass in the center of a room with pillars and, hidden partially, tentacles in a column.

Caption: Meanwhile…

Eric (off-screen): This is… where did these come from?

Sedjet (off-screen): It’s from the archives on local cults. We have ancient drawings like this, hundreds of years old.

2: Eric and Sedjet look down on the files, Eric is still in the same shirt, Sedjet seems to have changed.

Eric: But… we found this on the moon. How can that be possible?

3: An old sepia photograph shows the Black Idol on a plinth surrounded by candle-lit podiums. The idol does not feature the same open mouthed scream.

Sedjet (off-screen): This old cult used to exist right here in Cairo. From what we can tell from these papers, they had an idol just like this. They worshiped it. Said it was a piece of their god.

4: we see a close-up of the photo of a large bulbous mass, it stands above a sea of tentacle-like strands behind ropy pillars that raise to the ceiling.

Eric (off-screen): I don’t know of any gods like this…