1: We see Clarke’s CafĂ©, a diner style restaurant near the university campus. Julia and Melissa share a table at one of the booths eating dinner. In the background televisions are tuned to different news and entertainment channels.

2: We see their table, refillable cups and their meal of salad, sandwiches and french fries. While Julia types on a curved keyboard on a tablet, we see a 2010’s era smart phone near Melissa’s salad.

Julia (off-screen): Aw, that’s so cute!

Melissa (off-screen): Hm? What?

Julia (off-screen): Your phone, it’s all retro and stuff. Is that a case mod?

3: Julia is smiling stupidly as she examines the phone.
Julia: Oh, wow, no, this is… a real one? This thing is ancient!

4: Melissa is not looking pleased.

Melissa: I like that phone, I’ve had it for a long time.

Julia (off-screen): Obviously. Why don’t you get a new one?

Melissa: I only need it to make calls and check e-mail. I don’t even play any games on it.

5: Julia is pointing to her cellphone, a sleek curved model that wraps around her ear and features a translucent display.

Julia: See this? That’s a video camera. This thing can record hours of video, and it sends it straight to my computer at home.