1: Melissa cradles her old phone protectively

Melissa: Who the heck needs that?

Julia (off-screen): Who cares? It’s fucking awesome.

2: Melissa looks surprised, having forgotten her homework

Julia (off-screen): Did you read that thing for Lit class?

Melissa: Oh.. crap.

3: Melissa pouts as Julia continues to eat.

Melissa: I think I left my tablet at the school.

Julia: Just use mine.

Melissa: No, I have a bunch of notes on it.

Julia: Didn’t you back those up online?

4: Julia rolls her eyes.

Melissa (off-screen): You can do that?

5: The two leave the diner, Julia is pulling Melissa by the wrist.

Julia: C’mon then, let’s go get it. It’s always open late with all those professors doing shit in there, someone will let us in.