1: Julia and Melissa walk down a long ornate hallway past classrooms with frosted glass doors, the roof shows the stars above.

2: Melissa walks past the locked door to the old library.

3: The lock now looks even more corroded and damaged

4: The heavy lock that held the chains to the door falls to the floor.

Melissa: Hey, look.

Julia: Ooh, damn!

5: Julia removes the chains from the door.

Melissa (off-screen): I don’t think we should-

Julia: Quiet! Someone could hear us.

6: From within the dark library the door opens, showing the two girls silhouetted by the hallway’s light.

Melissa: We’re going to get in trouble!

Julia: No we’re not. Besides, don’t you wanna know why it was locked? It’s a mystery, and we could solve it!