1: Julia hits a button on her phone, turning on a light and recording the event.

Julia: I’m recording this shit. My friend will be so jealous that we’re in here.

2: We see Julia and Melissa exploring deeper into the library, lit only by Julia’s light. Melissa looks nervous.

Melissa: Great, now when they catch us they’ll have evidence.

Julia: Hush.

3: Candles are set around a table in a semi-circle like an altar. Strange paintings on canvases surround it.

Melissa (off-screen): What do you think happened in here?

Julia (off-screen): Maybe they’re right about a teacher going crazy…

4: There is a thin trail of scratches along the ground, leading from the door to a bookcase.

5: Crouched near the ground, Julia follows the trail along the floor. She sniffs.

Melissa (off-screen): Do you smell something?

Julia: I smell cool air over here, like a basement… Think there’s something behind this bookshelf?