This is the page for which I had to completely redo the shading! Somehow the original shading layer became semi-transparent, meaning all the shadows were almost, but not quite, black. The only way to fix it was to draw it again, and I hopefully made it not look out of place among the rest of the issue – an awkward job, as I hadn’t quite got my crosshatching skills down when this was originally drawn.


1: The girls push the bookshelf to the side, lit by a candle.

2: They stare into a revealed open doorway, Melissa holds the candle that lights up stone steps that spiral downwards

Julia: Sweet.

Melissa: I don’t think we should go down there…

3: From within the door, Julia has begun to descend the stairs. Melissa frowns in the background.

Julia: Fine, stand around in the dark library, alone.

4: The two descend the stairs.

5: The stairs lead into a hallway with stone walls lined with doors. One is slightly open.