1: The idol is on a stand, surrounded by a machine. It is no longer under glass in a different laboratory room.

2: Eric speaks into a small microphone.

Eric: June 19th, 18:31. First test on EA-055 with the Spectral-Shift Analyzer.

3: We see Professor Ahmes is with him, he shrugs.

Eric: Think it’ll actually see something with this? The one I used to use never really found anything useful.

Sedjet: I’m sure it’ll look nice.

4: Behind the pedestal part of the Black Idol is starting to drip and melt down the structure.

Sedjet (off-screen): And that’s why I got into this field, I don’t know about you.

5: We see the idol melting and dripping down to the floor, eyes and teeth forming in the black structure.

Sedjet (off-screen): Of course I found something very nice looking here, didn’t I?

Eric (off-screen): Hilarious. Get off, professor.

6: The somewhat liquid mass from the idol crawls across the floor between tables while the scientists are distracted.

Sedjet (off-screen): What, so fast? No foreplay?

Eric (off-screen): Seriously, that’s enough.

7: The black mass approaches Sedjet’s leg, rolling eyes like bubbles looking up at him as a toothy appendage tastes his shoe.

Eric (off-screen): Uh, did you move the idol? I thought we were scanning it.