1: An elevator door starts to crumple and distort from beyond, small tentacles prying it open as the thorny, bony limbs scrape at the metal.

2: The Sedjet Creature bursts through the doors, tearing it apart from within the elevator shaft.

3: It stomps into the observation room, connected to the loading section of Julia’s holding cell. Julia stands against the glass, waiting.

4: The pair stand either side of the thick glass door. The idol has hunkered down, hissing and whining at Julia. Julia has her head down, casually.

Julia: I know… I know, I know, I know

It hurts. All that noise, those strange voices screaming down from the sky, all around us, all day, every day, from every direction. Trapping us. Keeping us in these shapes.

We never notice it until we go without it, and now… it hurts so much…