1: The two sit beside each other on the wooden bench, looking down at the grass.

Julia: It’s true, then? I was… kinda hoping you’d tell me it wasn’t.

Rhoda: I’m sorry.

Julia: How are you so sure?

Rhoda: I heard those scientists talking about it, and I can… see it.

2: The tree’s roots worm underground, under the grass, digging into dirt.

Rhoda (off-panel): I can see so much now.

“We” are like the tips of icebergs, and the rest of us are so… dark, and…

3: Rhoda turns away. She’s covering her mouth, starting to tear up, trying to compose herself.

4: They sit beside each other, a distance between them.

Julia: S’pretty fucked up.

Rhoda: Sniff

Krf… Hah… Yeah. It is.

5: Julia leans forward, curious now.

Julia: What do I do now?

Rhoda: I’ve given you the key. It’s up to you to find the door. That’s all I can manage for you.

Julia: Key?

6: Rhoda points down.