1: Rhoda is suddenly sitting next to Julia, who has sat up in surprise.

Rhoda: This is where someone usually reminds you that you don’t have to handle all that alone.

That you’ve got friends, loved ones, family… to all help share that burden.

2: Rhoda, talking, leans forward with a slight smile.

Rhoda: But they can’t.

It’s all you. It’s always been you.

3: Rhoda continues her metaphysical pep-talk.

Rhoda: You brought us together. You sought out mysteries and discovered secrets.

You’ve lived with yourself and overcame everything so far. You’re still here and alive.

4: Julia looks fearful and sad.

Julia: But I’m not me. I’m not anyone.

Aren’t we all just that thing?

5: The two friends sit and talk in the strange void.

Rhoda: Yeah… we are.

I can see it now… our roots run deep. We’re all just… extensions of this thing.

But what does that really change?

If we weren’t what we are, you’d still be exactly the same. You’re a collection of memories, your memories, Julia. You are a perspective, a personality, molded and shaped by a lifetime of experiences.

Maybe we’re all part of some great, disgusting thing… but none of the rest of us exist. Not in your mind anyway. We are just your memories of us. We are how you observe us, nothing more.

You’re the center of your own universe. You are the god of your own realm. That’s always the case, it doesn’t matter where we came from.