1: Julia and Rhoda, both in their adult forms, are now outside in a grassy field. They are underneath a wooden pavilion, a free-standing wooden structure with open sides, green grass beneath it. The grass stretches into the horizon, blurring into a pure white sky. Rhoda sits on the left, in a long white robe. Julia sits on the right, wearing mundane clothing. Behind the pavilion, stands a tall, flourishing tree covered in vines reminiscent of Tazim’s.

2: Rhoda relaxes casually on a bench as she talks. Julia seems to be wearing her early issue red shirt.

Julia: Rhoda…?

Rhoda: Ey girl. You busy?

Julia: I’m… in trouble.

Rhoda: I can see that.

3: Rhoda sits forward, looking concerned.

Rhoda: You’ve got to come back to us, Julia. You, as yourself.

4: Julia looks down, defeated.

Julia: …I can’t.

I just can’t do that.

5: The tree near Rhoda looks nearly strangled by thick, green vines producing pink flowers.

Julia (off-panel): It hurts, Rho… so much. It’s like… like being crushed by life itself.

No one depends on me, no one will die without me, but…

But life… daily life: the moves and struggles and obstacles to just being

It’s too big to handle… I can’t do it anymore…