1: Julia is on the ground in the bright light of the desert badlands. Dead brush surrounds her and the ground is solid, sand-like dirt. She is wet with tears, clutching her right leg, whimpering.

[BlackFennec] (narrating): Going out on your own just gets you hurt.

2: She looks up, yelling fearfully.

Julia: Hey! Hey! Hello?

3: We see what she sees: the top of the hill she has slid down. A crystal blue sky broken only by more dead trees. There’s no one up there; she’s alone.

[BlackFennec] (narrating): Imagine if you were never alone.

Julia (off-panel): Anyone? Hello?!

4: She looks up, curled around herself. We see a brown, clawed foot step near her.

[BlackFennec] (narrating): If only-

5: Obscured by sunlight, we see a robed Rhoda standing over her.

6: Rhoda kneels down, extending a hand to the young Julia. Julia reaches out, and their hands almost touch.

7: The panel is white.