The persistence of memory.


1: From within a dark tunnel, we see a dimly lit slope of old, gray dirt, lit from above. Dust and small rocks shower downwards.

Julia (off-panel): shitshitshit fuck

2: Julia, dressed as she was in Issue #10 in the insulated underground suit, painfully tumbles to the ground, rolling in the dirt.

[BlackFennec] (Narrating): Where has self reliance ever gotten you?

Julia: Rrrff…

3: Clutching her arm, she gets to her feet, grimacing but looking out curiously.

[BlackFennec]: What has it brought besides pain?

4: Through a dark tunnel beyond her, sunlight is seen through the shapes of rocks and bramble.

5: Julia peeks out from the cave, into what looks to be sunlight, walking away without any interaction with Melissa and Rhoda.

6: She sees herself: a younger Julia, on the ground in a desert, crying and clutching her leg in jeans and a t-shirt. This seems to be another memory from her past.