Hold me close.


1: Julia sits up. She pushes the hybrid creature to the side, though their bodies leave thick strings of connected, black fluid.

Julia: That… pretending is all we have…

If we’re not ourselves… Then no one is anyone. There’s just… nothing.

2: The hybrid hangs her head low, lamenting.

[BlackFennec]: What’s so special about being “someone”? Is life so precious?

3: The two huddle in the black landscape, lit by the red horizon. The hybrid hangs over Julia’s shoulders, pressed to her back as if comforting her.

[BlackFennec]: Life is so painful. Hard decisions, mistakes, regrets. Life hurts. Everything is on you, on your shoulders.

An endless responsibility, your whole, entire life.

4: The two stay holding each other, in the red background, a large lumbering shape is seen to shift and move in the distance.

5: Julia lowers her head. The ‘beast’ behind them has mostly left the frame.

6: They sit together as the creature in the background shambles on.

Julia: Life is so fucking hard…