Sounds a little familiar…


1: Julia is on her back, laying on the bed of squirming black mass. Beside her, the humanoid form sits again, skin a glossy black, its hair long and tethered deep into the bed between the fang-like protrusions. This body seems to be a mix of Sedjet and Julia: Julia’s hair and bust, but Sedjet’s long ears and lithe frame.

[BlackFennec]: It’s just instinct, after all.

2: The black canid lords over the defeated Julia, eyes bright red.

[BlackFennec]: What do we want... what we need, deep down?

We eat. We breed. We survive. That’s it.

3: The canine swings a leg over the laid down Julia, straddling her. Her hair is still very long, thick and corded, extended down into the mass of tentacles. Her expression, however, looks almost concerned.

[BlackFennec]: What are we below all that?

We’re waveforms… tiny pinpricks of mathematical fluctuation in space.

We attract and repel: just quarks, atoms, molecules…

…clustering together and ricocheting.

4: She has laid down atop the other Julia, hands on her, bodies dripping into one another. Julia seems to comfort the hybrid creature.

[BlackFennec]: That’s β€œlife”, this masquerade: ripples of space pretending to be alive.

We’re just the Black Mass, disguised, trying to be individuals.

We are hunger. We are gravity. It’s all we are, deep down.