Ah, memories…


1: From Julia’s perspective in the Halloween party, we see her hand fusing into the ibex sister’s body as her breasts are bared.

2: Julia’s arm, wrapped in dark, dripping tendrils, flexes in the dark next of tentacles.

Julia: Why would I be… me?

3: Another flashback shows her hand pushing into Rhoda’s face in a similar sexual scene.

4: More tentacles glisten and writhe around Julia’s leg.

Julia: Why ever be alone?

5: A vision of her fusing and melting into Melissa, head between her legs and arms melting through Melissa’s hips.

6: Julia, naked, is helplessly tangled in a mass of black idol tentacles in the black void as they merge into her astral body and branch from her head among her hair. She looks sad.

Julia: I tried isolation. Where’d that get me?

I’m useless on my own.