I try to keep these descriptions clear of real-world distraction but I released a new ambient album that I’d love you all to check out. It’s on Bandcamp!

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1: Julia looks down. Her necklace has changed: the key is now bigger and bronze.

Rhoda (off-panel): We can’t survive without help from others…

2: She holds it in her hand and see that it has been transformed into the King family heirloom key.

Rhoda (off-panel): …but we can’t survive unless we will ourselves to do so too.

You have to free yourself.

3: Rhoda stands up. She’s losing definition, like she did in the hallway: leaving streaks and afterimages behind her.

Rhoda (off-panel): …Julia…

I’m not super sure what’s going to happen.

4: Rhoda looks over her shoulder for one last look at Julia, she is crying, scared for Julia, and herself.

Rhoda: Even if you get free, and I can’t guarantee you’ll…

Just… thank you, okay?

Julia (off-panel): Rhoda… wait, what-

5: Where Rhoda once stood wisps of brown remain, she has otherwise quickly vanished.

6: As Julia looks around, the background is getting darker as light fades, and the wood planks and beams of the pavilion are rotting and warping: peeling back from white bone and black tentacles.

7: The scene has mostly melted away into a mess of black tentacles. Julia is back in the dark, black-and-red pit of slimy, glistening worms: but her face is alight with thought, and she is still fully clothed, the bronze key hanging around her neck.