1: Xijo is slammed against a wall by the whip of a thick, thorned tentacle.

2: From the Sedjet Creature’s view of him, he slumps down badly injured and bleeding. He looks knocked out as purple blood runs down the thorns of the retracted tentacle.

Sedjet (narrating): What do we do with… this outsider?

Julia (narrating): We should ignore him.

3: The mutated Sedjet stands on two muscular legs; his thick, worm-like body opens into a circular maw of long teeth, he roars and hisses. Forelimbs, shaped almost like wings, extend each into three thick, slimy tentacles, covered in sharp thorns. A row of eyes lead down each side of his body. This is not the writhing, bubbling Black Mass – this is a controlled, thought out being.

Julia (narrating): You need to find me.

Sedjet (narrating): But… HER…

4: Through a crack in a door, the Sedjet Creature prowls down the hallway.

Julia (narrating): Leave her for now…

5: Lit only by a thin crack of light, Vidali hides in a supply closet: cramped against a wall, covering her panting mouth. Julia and Sedjet’s voices overlap and mingle in narration.

Julia (narrating): We need…

Sedjet (narrating): We need it…

Julia/Sedjet (narrating together): We need to be ONE again.