1: Sedjet gracefully bounds through the underground hallways of the research center. It moves with efficient speed, stomping along with thorny appendages raised.

Sedjet (narrating): I feel… loose.

Like I’ve spent my whole life bound so tightly…

2: The powerful, tangled cords of muscles in the creature’s leg flex as it runs.

Sedjet (narrating): Was this inside me all along?

Was this inside… Sedj…et?

3: From the Sedjet Creature’s vision, it coils its thorned tentacles experimentally, watching them move.

Sedjet (narrating): Who even was that? Was that me? Us?

Were we really Sedjet?

Were we Julia?

4: A row of the creature’s many eyes stare up at the ceiling.

5: From the creature’s view: red rays of patterns cascade from distant objects, hitting his eyes sharply. Beyond the ceiling, the creature seems to identify pipes and cables through the surface.