1: In bright daylight, an overly large breakfast is laid out: french toast, breads, cereals, fried meats, fruits, pancakes and qatayef.

??? (off-panel): Juliaaaa.


Ugh… Miss Naomi Rider?

Julia (off-panel): Coming!

2: We see a young Julia King, pre-teen age, proudly waltzing into the kitchen of her childhood home, dressed like Naomi Rider from the movie posters.

3: Lorelei King, Julia’s black wolf mother, leans down with a concerned smile, her hair in a braid.

Lorelei: Julia, sweetie, isn’t it time we put that costume away? Halloween was two days ago…

Julia: Nuh!

4: Little Julia has hopped up into a chair by the kitchen table, dragging to her a grossly large plate full of qatayef with nuts and sweet cheese.

Julia: Julia’s stupid! Naomi Rider has way more friends and is way cooler!

5: Julia takes a big sip from a tall glass of chocolate milk, staring quietly forward as she watches TV.

Lorelei (off-panel): Well she can’t go to school like that.

???: Well it’s not like she’s dressed like a monster. They’re just clothes, let her have fun.

6: The large TV fixed in the kitchen shows drooling, gnashing teeth.