Fun fact, this page took me like three diggity dang days to draw.


1: The many of Tazim’s selves grip Rhoda by the arms and legs, surrounding her from all angles.

Tazim: I’ve watched you grow so strong, Rhoda, in such a short time.

I’m always on the lookout for blossoming flowers: strong spirits in mortal form.

2: The huge tower of writhing bodies leans in over Rhoda, like a tree curling down to greet a mouse.

Tazim: You could serve me SO well in the future…

3: The “tree”, a braided, writhing mass of grinning snakes fills her vision.

Tazim: So…

4: One near face of Tazim is grinning smugly, almost flirtatiously as it leans on its elbows.

Tazim: Why do you summon me?