1: In the darkness, the serpent’s head peeks out of the shadows in front of her into a bright spotlight.

Tazim-Talash: I knew you could do it…

2: Multiple, identical heads push into the light.

Tazim(s): MORTAL.

3: Rhoda recoils as bright light overtakes her.

4: She is in the bloody red-skied astral realm, before her is revealed the true, towering form of Tazim-Ta’ash: a writhing tower of worm-like snakes, all coiled around a dark gnarled tree with a multitude of glowing bulbs and flourishing flowers that match the flowers the serpent has in its antlers. In the foreground, standing on a floor of distorted astral flesh, Rhoda looks pathetically minuscule compared to the monolithic scale of the god-tree.