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In the tradition of this Egyptian pantheon, it is considered taboo to speak the full, unabbreviated name of a god. To do so invites them too deeply into one’s heart, which opens the summoner up to a power their bodies can’t handle. Even the highest priests adhere to this tradition. The act is so frowned upon that most practitioners do not even know the full spelling of their deity’s name.


1: Surrounded by candles, Rhoda stands as she recites the ritual. Cloth and sheets draped over windows and furniture, sunlight filtering in through a window blocked by curtain. She holds the ancient book in her hands.

Rhoda: I call you: First Lie, O Deep-rooted One, O Whisper in the Dark,

lord of the hidden and deep places,

thou who stole the cup which spilled the Mother’s blood…

2: The candles flare brighter.

Rhoda: Thou who creeps between stars,

thou who holds the key to the eternal cage…

3: She continues the incantation.

Rhoda: Hear me! I know thy deeds and speak clearly your true name!

Hear me! Come forth to dwell in the geometry, the angles of the mortal world!

Hear me! May your power consume me,

and make all spirits subjects unto me;

so that every spirit of the firmament,

and of the ether,

upon the earth and under the earth,

on dry land, and in the water,

and every spell and scourge of the gods may be obedient unto ME.

4: As she finishes, she shuts her eyes tight.

Rhoda: Tazim-Talash! Divine Betrayer! Whirling Storm!

Come, fill me, be bound to my will! I summon thee!

5: She slowly opens her eyes.

6: As she opens her eyes, she is now in pitch black, naked in her astral form.