1: The serpent watches over her shoulder. She focuses downwards and doesn’t look at him.

The Serpent: Mmm… I haven’t see this circle in a long time. Are you sure that’s who you want to summon?

Rhoda: This is the best chance I have.

2: Rhoda turns to talk over her shoulder, looking angry and frustrated with him.

Rhoda: Were you there? Did you see? I have to help Julia. I can’t waste any time.

The Serpent: Sure, sure, but this particular demon… Not just anyone can deal with him and come out in one piece…

3: Rhoda stands up. Candles lit, circle complete.

Rhoda: Mel was right. I could have done something this whole time, but I just let it happen.

I could have tried. I have to fix this.

The Serpent: But at what cost? What will you give?

Rhoda: She’d do the same for me.

4: From behind, Rhoda glares at the snake with a subtle glow in her determined eyes.

Rhoda: YOU could have helped me all along, couldn’t you? You could have told me. You chose not to.

If you refuse to help me, then I’ll make you.

I know your true name, demon.