1: A more adult Julia is walking outside at night, leaving a car behind her. She is still dressed like Naomi Rider but with short hair dyed red.

2: She stands beside her boyfriend at the time, a nubien ibex, who introduces her to his sister with an arm around her. This is a halloween party, they drink punch from goblets, her boyfriend dressed as a road warrior and his sister a mummy. On a table nearby is a family photo of this ibex family.

3: The three are seen on the same side of a table, playing a card game. Julia and the sister laugh together while the boyfriend seems distracted by another girl. All are drinking with many snacks nearby, some decorations of skulls and fall vegetables.

4: Julia sulks by a wall, pawing at her phone while the boyfriend continues to flirt with other girls, this time a bunny dressed as a race car driver.

5: The sister leans in on Julia’s shoulder to comfort her, they both share smiles.